Bangya business cards!

Did you know that in the 90's and early 2000's, it was popular among bandgya to make business cards?
I discover this and thought it would be fun to make one myself, and so me and one of my friends both did to exchange with each other!

Like many of them, you can see above that I've included the name of my favorite band (BUCK-TICK), my favorite member (Imai Hisashi), my alias (Mistah), and my contact information.

Something that I especially like about mine that I would like to point, is how I've displayed BUCK-TICK's name. I cropped it from their album Razzle Dazzle, one of my favorite's and illustrated by the artist Aquirax Uno who's work I love. I also enjoy how I've added Imais signature below his picture, I think it's a extremely cute touch!

To learn more about bandgya business cards, and see other post pertaining to visual-kei, please be sure to check out this amazing site!

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