Suddenly everything was so big.

First he felt the well known comfort he came to expect, before a rush came over him as his mind made a pitiful attempt to comprehend the situation he has found himself in. As he felt the rush leave him and his vision steadied, he found himself low to the ground, and he saw his hands were small.

He felt panicked but he wasn't sure, why? Why was he alone? As he got up to survey his house from his short stature, he was suddenly grabbed and lifted from behind, exacerbating his unease, thrashing until he was turned to look at the man holding him.

He paused. The first thing that grabbed his attention was the bright blue hair of the old man holding him, so much so that he reached his hand up to run his hand over it without thinking, which earned him a smile that accentuated the already clear wrinkles on his face.

Do you like it?

He nodded silently. Why wasn't he afraid of the stranger? Regardless he was still racked with the anxiety that had been bothering him the whole time. No longer distracted, tears formed and he rammed his head into the blue haired man's chest, mumbling Maimai, as well as he could through his crying.

So you do remember me?

Atsushi was too distracted by the intensity of emotions; He let himself be rocked in the man's arms, paying no mind to what he said, not that it was helping much.

He sobbed, and whined without letting up to the point of near sickness. The man grew worried until he heard him quickly quiet...before he heard dry-heaving.

The man rushed towards the bathroom with the little Atsushi, setting him in front of the toilet just in case. Luckily it seemed to be a false alarm.

Acchan, He asked as he rubbed circles on his back, and wiped the tears from his face. Do you always get so worked up?

...I guess...Maimai I don't feel good.

Of course you don't. Here, let's get you something to drink. He lifted him up once again to survey the fridge.

All fucking alco- He stopped himself remembering which Atsushi he was talking to. Hey Acchan, do you have anything else in here? He spoke softly.

His only answer was a shrug.

Okay then. He shuffled the contents of the fridge around until he found hidden in the back, a pocari sweat. He was a small child for his age but he was about three, old enough to be able to use a cup.

Here you go, Acchan. He sat in his lap taking sips. Imai ran his hands through Atsushi's short hair, soothing him further. He turned to hand the cup to the older man, before resting his head against him. It seemed his crying wore him out.

The man moved him back to his room, setting the drink on his nightstand and tucking him in.

I thought we could have some fun today Acchan, but it seems you got a bit startled, maybe next time. He said, running his hands through the others' hair again.

He patted his pants looking for something and turned to search the room. There he found in the middle of the floor, the pacifier Atsushi had dropped in his transformation. There it is.

Here, I'm sure you'll want this. Letting the other put it in his mouth. I love you. He said, before leaning down to kiss his cheek.

The room faded to black as he fell asleep, and soon...

Christ, my head hurts. Atsushi moved to go to his kitchen, before seeing the glass on his nightstand. Hm? Whatever, he must have forgotten getting that last night. He took a long drink, before rolling up comfortably back under his blankets.

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